May 20, 2015

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3 Tips For Accommodating Vegetarian Guests At Your Wedding

Planning the perfect menu for your wedding can be challenging enough, and it can be even tougher if some of your guests live a vegetarian lifestyle. However, it’s easier than you probably think to accommodate your non-meat-eating friends. Follow these tips, and you can ensure that everyone at your wedding is able to enjoy their meal.

1. Consider a Buffet-Style Catering Option

There are a few benefits to choosing a buffet-style catering option for your wedding. Many find that buffet styles are more affordable and easier, but another benefit is that it makes it easier for you to accommodate your vegetarian guests. With a buffet, your vegetarian guests can load up their plates with side dishes, breads and other foods, rather than meats. Just make sure that there are plenty of filling side dish options, such as rice, potatoes and pasta, so that your guests don’t leave hungry.

2. Serve Pasta

Pasta is always a good option at weddings, and it can be an even better choice if there will be vegetarian guests present. Then, you can offer a meat-free option, such as a delicious spaghetti or cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, or a tasty fettuccine with Alfredo sauce. You might find that even the meat-eaters at your wedding will choose one of your pasta options, and you can always offer meatballs, grilled chicken or Italian sausage links on the side for those who want a little bit of meat with their meal.

3. Find Out Beforehand

On your invitation, ask that your guests RSVP with any special diet information. If you know ahead of time who will need special accommodations, it will be easier for you to work with your caterer and ensure that there is a good option for your vegetarian guests. This is also a good way to find out about other dietary concerns, such as allergies, so that your caterer can be ready for them.

You might already be stressed about the idea of choosing a wedding caterer for your wedding, and if you know that some of your guests will not eat meat, you might be even more worried. Luckily, however, there is no reason to really stress yourself out about this aspect of wedding planning. If you follow these three tips and work with the right wedding catering company, it will be easier than you think to ensure that all of your guests have something great to eat while at your event.

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