Sep 29, 2015

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3 Tips For Making Better Mexican Food At Home

Do you ever feel like the Mexican food you make at home falls flat? Because combining grilled meats, warm tortillas, and shredded cheese looks easy, most people figure that creating Mexican masterpieces in their own kitchens will be a snap. However, making a few simple mistakes could leave you with a greasy, unappetizing mess. Here are three tips for making better Mexican food at home:

1: Shop For Fresh Ingredients

Don’t fall for that bottled salsa. Instead, do your best to gather together fresh, never frozen ingredients. Make your own salsa, grill your own chicken, and chop up some fresh cilantro. These days, you can even find fresh ingredients that are packaged for novice Mexican food chefs. For example, you can buy fresh, uncooked tortillas that are already pressed into thin sheets. By simply tossing them into a hot, non-stick skillet, you can create fluffy, warm tortillas in a few minutes.

If you are worried about wasting ingredients, you shouldn’t be. Most Mexican dishes use common ingredients, which means that you can use them in different ways for another Mexican meal a few days later.

2: Use Fatty Toppings Sparingly

Since cheese, sour cream, and guacamole taste great, most people make the mistake of piling them all over burritos, tacos, or even tortilla soup. Unfortunately, in addition to adding boatloads of calories to your fresh Mexican cuisine, you might also be adding a lot of grease to your dish—which can be unappetizing.

Instead, focus on making the meal taste great—without relying on extra toppings. Pack meats with flavor by rubbing them in Mexican spices, such as ground cumin. If you are preparing a meal for someone else, offer toppings on the side, not directly on the guest’s plate. That way, they can pick and choose the flavors and consistency of their own meal.

3: Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Heat

When you cook Mexican food, don’t be afraid of cooking with spicy ingredients, such as peppers. Heat adds another dimension to taste, which will keep people coming back for more. When you use peppers, start small and add chopped peppers gradually. To take the edge off of the punch, consider roasting peppers over an open flame. After placing the pepper in a sealed plastic bag to steam, the burned skin will easily peel away. The roasting mellows out the flavor, while adding another element to your dish.

By knowing a few Mexican food cooking tips, you might be able to whip up tasty meals for your family and friends anytime you like. 

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