Nov 12, 2015

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What to Ask before You Purchase a Commercial Ice Maker

If you own or manage a bar or restaurant, you know how critical ice can be. Run out of ice and most of your drinks are blah and unappetizing. However, you don’t want to make a lot more ice than you can use in a day since the bottom of the ice bin will develop an off taste after a while. The ideal ice maker is one that will allow you to vary your capacity depending on the shift and the day of the week while operating without a lot of maintenance or downtime.

To make sure that you get the appliance that will work best for you, it’s important that you ask the right questions before you purchase or lease an ice maker for your establishment.

Four questions to ask before buying an ice maker

1. What style ice cubes would you like? Unlike home ice makers, where the ice is generally the same size and shape, there are a myriad of choices of ice styles when it comes to commercial ice machines. For instance, with commercial ice machines, you can opt for full dice (the large, full-sized ice cubes), half dice (the half-moon sized ice cubes) or nugget ice (the pellet or shaved-style ice).

2. Do you need a filter? The answer to this is most likely yes. Not only will a water filter help the ice taste sweeter with a filter, but you’ll avoid serving milky ice cubes, which (though perfectly safe) can be off-putting to your guests.

3. What size storage bin do I need? Usually storage bins are sold separately from the ice maker itself. However, this is still an essential piece of equipment. Without a bin, you have no place to keep the ice while it’s waiting to be served in a drink. A good rule of thumb is to buy a bin that will hold 24 hours worth of ice product with a little extra room for scooping.

4. How can I be environmentally conscious about making ice? The best way to conserve on water and fuel for your ice maker is to carefully match your system to your ice needs. Making more ice than you can use in a day wastes both water and electricity. You can also save by making sure to shut off the system when your restaurant is going to be closed for more than a day, such as over a holiday weekend or between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Buying a commercial ice machine doesn’t have to be confusing. Simply ask about ice cube styles, filters, storage bins, and capacity to find the ice maker that will work best for your place of business. Get in touch with a representative from an establishment like Shealy-Hodges Corporation to get started.

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