Feb 8, 2016

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Five Fun Ice Ideas to Talk to Your Caterer About

No party or get-together is complete without ice, and your caterer may have some interesting ideas to incorporate ice in your party or event theme that your guests have never seen before. There are some clever and creative ways to make use of this inexpensive and versatile staple; consider these five fun ice ideas for your next party.

1. Make adult slushies for your party. Make pitchers of adult slushies for your event by buying crushed ice, paper cups, flavored syrup, and your favorite spirits. Combine the syrup and liquor to taste and drizzle over cups of ice for guests. Have catering staff set up a slushy station for a fun focal point at your next party. Some great flavors for your adults-only slushies include these:

  • Refreshing raspberry liqueur
  • Rich Irish cream
  • Coffee-flavored brandy or liqueur
  • Orange-infused Blue Curacao
  • Pretty green melon liqueur
  • Fruity schnapps, such as blueberry, cherry, or green apple

2. Freeze fruits for your highballs. If you are making your own ice, consider filling Bundt pans or other freezer-proof serving dishes with cut up fruit and water. These make excellent and inexpensive fruit rings for punch bowls. Your caterer may have access to shaped or distinctive molds to make impressive ice rings that suit your party theme, too.

3. Use seltzer for bubbles in your ice. Make your ice have a little bit of sparkle by using carbonated water or seltzer. You can make your own carbonated water with a rented soda machine and tank of CO2. Some caterers may already have these implements to create cool, carbonated beverages.

4. Create a frosty focal point. Use blocks of ice to create a cool structure in the middle of an outdoor party. Many crafty caterers may be able to create (or order) an alluring and one-of-a-kind ice sculpture for your event.

5. Set up a refreshing bar. Fill catering pans with ice and use these to arrange your liquor and mixers for your bar. Have one area for your garnishes, fruits, and bottled drinks, and nest spirits in ice on display for your guests. This keeps everything cold while looking very modern and contemporary.

Look around for ice vendors in your area and try some of these inexpensive party ideas. Plan ahead and know where you will store ice prior to your event, or ask caterers about bringing these features to your gathering. Coordinate with a caterer like Grand Street Cafe and find out what other frosty features they can provide at your next party!

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