Feb 19, 2016

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Don’t Break These Mexican Food Cooking Rules

If you’ve ever had a bad Mexican meal, it is likely simply because the meal wasn’t cooked properly. There are certain rules that must be followed to cook the perfect authentic Mexican meal.

Show Caution With Hot Sauce

If you are used to adding hot sauce to food to give it extra zing, always taste a Mexican dish before attempting to do this. Hot sauce can easily overpower Mexican dishes that are often already very powerful. If you are craving a spicy dish, it is better to order a recipe that is made to be spicy in the first place than to try to modify it yourself.

Limit The Cheese

Mexican dishes are often associated, by Westerners, as being full of cheese. However, the act of filling Mexican food with cheeses is a relatively new practice and most authentic dishes are not stuffed with cheese. If you’d like to add more flavor to an authentic Mexican dish, try adding more onions and cilantro. When you do add cheese, add only a small amount of traditional cheese such as cotija, panela or Oaxaca.

Don’t Rely Only On White Meats

Authentic Mexican dishes frequently use dark meats because they add a lot of flavor to the dish. Also, dark meats are more complex and stay moist for longer.

Use The Right Tortilla

Know when to use flour or corn tortillas. In most cases, you can use either. However, quesadillas need to have the flexibility of flour tortillas. Corn tortillas are more useful if you need more structure so that your dish does not fall apart. Also, a taco is only as good as its tortilla, so make sure that the tortilla is fresh and do not buy a brand that is too cheap.

Prepare The Tortilla Properly

If you’ve ever had a tortilla that cracked, this is likely because you did not heat it up. Corn tortillas will crack if they are not made pliable by briefly heating them. The tortilla should be heated in a skillet that is already warm so that it does not stick. It should not be warmed in a microwave because this will cause the tortilla to crack.

Prepare The Meat Properly

The meats and sauces need time to intermingle to produce the perfect flavor, so Mexican foods are ideal for slow cooking.

Add The Right Amount Of Water To The Rice

Mexican food relies a lot on rice. To make the rice as fluffy and delicious as possible, do not skimp on water or it will be to dry and hard. However, do not add too much either because the rice will be very gummy.  

With a little attention to technique, you can enjoy delicious Mexican food (read more here).

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