How To Form A Fun Dinner Club

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Now that the holidays are over, you may find that you’re in a bit of a winter slump. You can put a lot of fun back into your life by taking the initiative to form a dinner club. By following these steps it won’t be a hard endeavor. Start With The Couples – You get to pick your favorite people! A good number for a dinner club is twelve. If you have twelve couples, then you’re covered for every month. Consider which of your friends would actually follow through with a monthly social obligation. Think of people that would add interest and fun to your dinner club. Establish Some Guidelines – It’s important for your friends to understand what they’re getting into before they make a commitment. So that there won’t be too much work for you, it’s a good idea for each couple to be in charge of a particular month, which they can select. It’s fun to mix things up a bit. Some months you can eat at somebody’s home, while other months it will be fun to try different restaurants, like Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant. If the group is going to go to a restaurant, the couple for that month should remember to make reservations. Ask For A Private Room – When there are twenty-four people, you’ll definitely need space! The couple in charge should call ahead of time to make sure the restaurant has private dining facilities with enough seating for your party. Be sure to collect a generous tip for your servers. After all, taking care of the individual needs for this many people is a lot of work. Plan For Special Events – Some months deserve special attention! Consider an outdoor picnic for the Fourth of July. It would be a lot of fun to include children at this event, and you could plan a picnic. Another time that children could be included would be for a Saturday Easter egg hunt. Perhaps you could switch things around and have your meal earlier in the day. Make plans for New Year’s Eve! Whether you’re dining at home or going out to eat, consider making this a dressy affair. See if there’s a volunteer who will buy party hats, noise makers and the other traditional things that help to bring in the New Year. Congratulations on forming a dinner group, and get ready for some very special times...

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Learn Three Ways To Use Wholesale Produce

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Buying wholesale produce can save you a lot of money. When you buy produce wholesale, it means that you buy a large quantity of it at one time. The produce is offered at a discounted rate because you are buying so much of it. The only problem with buying a large amount of produce is using it before it becomes unusable. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to make the most of your produce. Use the following guide to learn three simple ways to use your wholesale produce to ensure you get the most value for your money. Canning Canning can be a great way to use produce that tends to wilt quickly. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples all can wilt. You can use the apples to make applesauce or apple butter. You can use tomatoes to make salsa, stewed tomatoes for soups and stews, or even to make tomato sauce for spaghetti or lasagna. You can use the cucumbers to make delicious homemade pickles. You can purchase canning jars at any big box store to use for the canning process. The jars often come with step-by-step directions you can follow to learn everything you need to know about canning. Freezing Flash freezing fruits and vegetables allows you to freeze them in the freezer without them getting stuck to one another as a solid block of frozen produce. Simply wash your produce, slice it into manageable portions that are roughly an inch to two inches in size, dry them, and lay them out on a metal cookie sheet. Place the sheet in the freezer and leave it until the fruits and vegetables are frozen. Once they are frozen, you can place the produce into a freezer bag to keep it from getting freezer burn. Drying Produce can be dried to create chips or delicious snacks. Cut the produce into very thin strips, place them on a metal cookie sheet that has been greased, and place the produce in a 200-degree oven. Leave the produce until it is slightly crisp to the touch. Remove the metal sheet carefully and allow the produce to cool. Once cool, the produce should be crisp and delicious. These three uses for wholesale produce are very simple to do and can really save you a lot of money in the long run. You can use the produce in many different ways and always have the ingredients you need to create your favorite meals during any season of the year....

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Choosing Unique Menus For Unique Parties – Four Suggestions

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Themed parties can be fun. They’re fun to plan, fun to organize, and tend to be memorable for anyone who’s invited or involved in the organization process. Folks remember events that raise the bar when it comes to the unique factor. One of the most challenging parts about planning a unique, themed party is knowing what foods to serve. Food can be fun, but it also has to be tasty and desirable for the guests. If a unique dish is so different that it isn’t eaten by anyone, it’s essentially a waste. So, what’s safe and what isn’t? Here are four menu ideas that all revolve around unique, themed parties: 1950s Party It’s time to drag out those poodle skirts and vinyl records. Menu suggestions include old fashioned cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and fries (along with veggie burgers for any vegetarians). For refreshments, you can serve cherry cola, root beer floats, and ice cream shakes. Appetizers like pizza bites and miniature corn dogs also work well. Venetian Masquerade For this party, you’ll want to have your guests show up in costume– with masks. For food ideas, you can serve an Italian cuisine with plenty of champagne. Offer Italian finger foods like fried fried mozzarella sticks and garlic bread. Spaghetti is a little boring, so go for something more unique for the main course like a fresh antipasti. Allow guests to add their own meats, cheeses, and olives. Fondue and iced coffee are also good suggestions. Pirate Theme No one’s ever too old for a fun, pirate-themed party. Rum should be served, of course, along with punch for the kids. For the main course, you can serve seafood or kebabs. Stick to finger foods as this sets a casual setting that’s right in line with the pirate theme. Other ideas include platters of meats, cheeses, and apples, food decorated with skulls and crossbones (cupcakes are always fun), and bags of chocolate coins labeled as “pirate booty.” James Bond Everyone loves a good James Bond flick (and party!). Encourage your guests to show up in posh dresses and suits. Serve rich foods like oysters, caviar, and plenty of appetizers (include vegetarian options) that give your guests numerous options in case they’re not big on oysters and caviar. Martinis and champagne can both be offered. Decorative little cakes or homemade cookies can be offered for desert. When planning your party, use the above examples as merely suggestions. Plan your own unique menu choices based off these examples and don’t be afraid to be creative, but also be practical. Remember that not everyone enjoys the same types of food. Offer as many different options as possible. Most importantly, have...

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4 Tips For Those On The Ketogenic Diet Who Want To Eat Out

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If you are on a Ketogenic diet, you may already know that eating in restaurants can be tricky. You can’t enjoy the bread basket, and sometimes it’s hard to find food that will be filling. After all, as part of a keto diet, you need to avoid carbs and eat foods that are high in fat and moderate in protein. That can be difficult in a restaurant, but you can still eat out and have a delicious meal. Here are four tips for eating out when you’re on a Ketogenic diet. Read the Menu Beforehand If you aren’t used to the restaurant you’re planning to go to, try to find out the menu before you go. Many restaurants have their menus online so you can find out what dishes you’ll be able to eat. This can be a better choice than showing up at a restaurant and finding out on the spot that most of their dishes have pastas, breads and other foods you can’t have too much of. Tell Your Waiter This is such a simple idea, but you may not be doing it. Instead of staring down the menu looking for something you can eat, enlist the help of your waiter so you can get some ideas about what you can eat. Ask about whether sauces contain flour or dairy products, and find out if you can make substitutions. Your waiter will likely be as helpful as possible. Go Gluten-Free If you’re doing a ketogenic diet, you may very well not be eating any wheat. Even if you are, asking for a gluten-free menu can be an easier way for you to get a list of foods that is low in carbohydrates. Check out the gluten-free menu to see if anything appeals to you so that you have a better chance of sticking to your diet. Plan Around Your Restaurant Visit As someone on a ketogenic diet, you know that you cannot eat too many carbs in your day. That’s why, if you’re going out to eat, you need to keep that in mind. If you can’t avoid carbs at the restaurant, adjust the rest of your eating accordingly; make the rest of your meals that day carb-free. For instance, if you want to have a cheeseburger, you might be tempted not to eat the bun. However, you can eat the bun without ruining your diet if you eliminate other carbs as the day goes on. Eating at a restaurant can still be done if you’re on a ketogenic diet. Just be sure to use the tips above so that you can enjoy a great meal. For more information on how restaurants can help you stick to your ketogenic diet, contact Panificio Bistro and...

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The Evolution Of The Bar And Grill

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Over the past few years, there has been a huge change in bar and grill restaurants. While they used to be neighborhood places where dads went to play darts for a while and watch the game, this has dramatically changed. There are some establishments that still fit the original idea, yet many people have opened restaurants that are far from the norm. Here are a few things that make today’s bar and grill different from those of yesteryear. The Beer Selection Commercially brewed beer used to be the norm when you walked into a bar and grill. Basic brands were always available and there really were not many varieties to choose from. As time has gone on, people have begun to offer a much wider selection of beer. Today, you would be hard pressed to find a bar and grill that does not have any beer on tap, but some restaurant owners are taking things a bit further. It is now possible to find bars that make their own beer on the premises (brewpubs). While these establishments are not as popular as others, there are now more than 2,800 brewpubs across the country. Food Choices Those peanuts that used to grace the bar and sit idly while patrons chatted are gone. They have been replaced by things like artisan crackers and popcorn that has been kissed with truffle oil. It used to be very common for bar and grill restaurants to serve a limited menu with offerings like ribs, burgers and nachos. While those are still available at some places, the food has evolved immensely in the past several years. You can now walk into bar and grill restaurants all over the country and order things like fresh pasta, charcuterie and freshly shucked oysters. Since they are offering more variety, it is important to note that these are not being made by the short-order cooks you normally find in these restaurants. Bar owners are taking the time to carefully select chefs that can wow customers with their edible masterpieces. Ambiance There was once a time when every patron entered a bar and grill and they were forced to watch whatever was on the television at the time. While other bar patrons chatted loudly and prevented them from catching the score, they silently wished that they had more options. These days, bar and grill establishments are fitted with multiple television screens. They are large and there are usually a large number of them. Many places advertise the fact that they have so many screens that all games that are aired will be shown on any given night. There are no more peanuts on the floor and tiles that sticks to your shoes. In fact, many bar and grill places have become so upscale that it is hard to find anything that is out of place. It is virtually impossible to find remnants of yesteryear when walking into today’s bar and grill restaurants. When times change, it is important for businesses to change with it. That is most likely the main reason for the shift from what bar and grill establishments used to be. Since the world never stops, this means that you can expect additional changes in the future. For more information, contact a company like Buzzard Billy’s to learn...

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How Much Of A Punch Do You Want In Your Rum Cake?

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Some people are concerned about the effects of alcohol after eating a rum cake. They might be worried about the rum in the cake being a little bit too strong. Others, however, may feel like their chocolate, pudding, or fruit cake with rum doesn’t pack enough punch. Getting the desired effect from the rum is really going to be based on how the cake is prepared. Getting Drunk from Rum Cake is Unlikely Those thinking about the impact rum will have on their system need not worry if they are eating a traditional recipe. For one thing, a cup of rum poured into cake batter is going to be spread out throughout the cake. So, with each sliced serving, you are only getting a little bit of the alcohol that went into the batter. Additionally, a large portion of the alcohol in the cake ends up evaporating during baking. Per the USDA, if you were to bake a cake in an oven, after 2 1/2 hours, only about 5% of the alcohol remains. What if you want a bit more of an alcohol punch though? Do not bake the cake. Cool the Batter and Save the Rum For those who do want to get a bit of a buzz from their rum cake, they should bake or order a cake that was never placed in an oven. There are quite a number of cake recipes that do not actually involve baking. Rather, the cake mix is poured into a pan and left in the refrigerator overnight. Cakes with lots of pudding or cream cheese would be examples of cakes that do not need to be baked. These cakes have a lot more than just a rum flavor, you are going to actually ingest pure rum when eating a slice. Since the alcohol is never exposed to high temperatures, it never ends up being baked off. Drizzle the Cake with Alcohol Do you still want a baked cake that retains a high alcohol content? After you bake or bring your cake home from the bakery, you have the option of pouring rum over it and allowing it to soak in. After you add the rum evenly to the cake, put it in the refrigerator overnight. This way, the rum soaks in perfectly and delivers the desired effect. Really, there’s more variety to making and serving rum cakes than you would...

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5 Secrets To Making The Perfect Pizza Dough

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Pizza is an iconic dish that is endlessly customizable to your tastes. Creating the perfect pizza can’t be done without a perfect crust as a foundation. Have you ever wondered how restaurants get that perfectly flaky crust? Here are five secrets to making a perfect pizza crust.  Know the Ingredients  A pizza dough recipe is fairly simple: Water Salt Flour Yeast When it comes to water everyone has their own secret. Some only use carbonated water as it creates a crispier crust. Flat water reacts best with the yeast in the dough and will give you a uniform crust. Salt it something that can really add intense flavors to your dough. Plain table salt will do in a pinch, but sea salt will pack a flavor punch. Use ultra refined flour for a light and airy crust.  Have a Little Patience  When you mix the dough, first mix half the flour and other ingredients with all the water. Let it sit for ten minutes. If you mix all the flour in at once the yeast won’t germinate properly, leading to a flat crust. Once all the ingredients are mixed, let it sit in a warm location for at least 30 minutes. Pizza dough is a constant experiment. Try using more or less flour suggested in a recipe until you get the perfect consistency. Record your experiments so you have something to follow next time. If you eat enough pizza, you’ll learn the recipe by heart!  Stretch it By Hand   Stretching pizza dough by hand takes a lot of practice, but there’s a reason all the awesome pizza joints you love do it. Rolling with a rolling pin compacts the dough and keeps it from rising properly in the oven. If you like a flat crust that’s a little denser, this isn’t a bad thing. Plus, it just looks cool when you can throw a pizza like those who work at restaurants like Barros Pizza.  Don’t Worry About the Recipe  Dough is trial and error. Follow a recipe the first time than branch out. Use different ingredients and different methods. Even the weather can affect pizza dough. If it’s hot and humid the dough will reflect that. There are endless opportunities to create and refine the perfect pizza dough recipe.  Turn Up the Heat A great pizza dough needs intense heat. Try to get your oven as hot as possible. At a restaurant the oven may be set at 850 F, but a home oven will probably only heat to 550. Heat up the oven with a pizza stone inside, then place your pizza on the stone and watch it cook right away! A few minutes on very high heat is the trick to a good...

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The Top Ingredients You Need To Cook Up A Successful Restaurant Kitchen

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If you’re thinking about starting a restaurant but have never worked in one before, make learning kitchen logistics your first order of business. After all, the kitchen is the heart of every restaurant. It’s not only where culinary ideas come to life but also the place that makes and breaks reputations, which is why understanding how to run a kitchen – even if you don’t plan on joining the cooking crew – is so important. Whether your goal is to open a small diner or an upscale hot spot, the components below add up to a killer kitchen in any type of restaurant. Stations That Work Like Culinary Highways All restaurant kitchens are divided up into stations – salad station, fry station, grill station, and so on – but getting your setup just right isn’t as simple as it sounds. Depending on the room’s dimensions, the number of stations can go up or down, and each table needs to be integrated with the next so that the creation of every dish flows smoothly. Organized Chaos With orders flying in and the staff moving at lightning speed to fill them, kitchens are inherently chaotic, but there’s a fine line between counterproductive chaos and a rhythm that works. Using printed lists, maintaining equipment on a regular basis, setting up online deliveries, and asking the staff to measure expensive ingredients on electronic scales are some ways that managers who don’t cook control both the kitchen flow and the restaurant’s bottom line.   Fresh Refrigerators The refrigerator is every chef’s best friend. You can save money by buying secondhand furniture, keeping the menu on the small side, and sourcing local ingredients, but there’s one thing you don’t want to pinch pennies on: your commercial refrigerator. Great restaurant refrigerators are filled with features that speed up the cooking process and streamline inventory planning. Adjustable shelves, advanced temperature controls, industrial door gaskets and built-in mounted thermometers are just a few examples of features that make the latest restaurant refrigerators superior to older models. While the above are all important, not everything that separates a great restaurant from a bad one happens behind the closed kitchen doors. Another important staple in any restaurant’s recipe for success is professional maintenance. In fact, many restaurant owners have a crew on call for problems that range from rush restaurant supply parts to freezer repairs. Because you never know when you might need to make an emergency repair right before the dinner service hits, having professionals you can trust can go a long way toward running your kitchen smoothly. Click here for more on restaurant...

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