Different Types of Fondue Pots

Hosting the right fondue party is all about having the right equipment. To make sure that your fondue fun runs smoothly, make sure your fondue pot and sticks are up to par.

Fondue Pots

A few of the most popular brands of fondue pots include Swissmar, Trudeau, and Rival. But no matter which brand you buy, there are a couple of different kinds of pots you could invest in. Consider the following when shopping for a pot:

  • Cheese Fondue Pot: Cheese fondue equipment has adjustable alcohol or gel burners that can maintain the constant temperature needed to evenly melt cheese. These pots are typically made of ceramic or earthenware. They have a flat bottom and large openings for dipping.
  • Hot Oil/Broth Fondue Pot: The kind of pot need for hot oil fondue needs to be able to withstand high temperatures without cracking so that the meat can be fully cooked. These pots are generally made out of stainless steel, copper, or cast iron. Don’t try to use a ceramic pot for hot oil fondue.
  • Dessert Chocolate Fondue Pot: Pots meant for chocolate fondue are smaller than the pots you use for cheese or meat fondue. These dessert pots use a tea light to keep the melted chocolate at the right temperature. Chocolate pots are made out of earthenware, porcelain, ceramic, and sometimes tempered glass.
  • Electric Fondue Set: An electric fondue set is easy to use and set up. You plug it in, set the temperature, dip, and enjoy. Research the type of electric pot you want before you buy it. Check to see how long the power cord is and make sure there’s an outlet nearby.

Fondue Equipment

Apart from your pot, there are a few more tools that you might need to make sure you fondue turns out right. Consider the following things when putting together a fondue party:

  • Fondue Fuel: Be sure to get the right amount of fuel for your fondue pot.
  • Fondue Burners: Any cheese or meat fondue pot will come with a fondue burner. These are replaceable if they ever break.
  • Fondue Forks: You can always use disposable forks, but reusable two or three pronged fondue forks are so much more fun.
  • Fondue Plates: Plates like this are mainly used for meat fondue in broth or hot oil. They have several compartments.